Woman says she was sent home from work over ‘distracting’ top but it’s not as it seems

Woman says she was sent home from work over ‘distracting’ top but it’s not as it seems

When you’re going into the office, you might spend ages picking out the perfect outfit. Different workplaces have different dress codes, but usually, you’ll opt for something smart and ‘appropriate’ to spend the day with your colleagues. Whether it’s a suit, a dress, or trousers and a shirt, it’s a rare occasion that you’ll get told what you’re wearing isn’t acceptable for the office.

However, one woman claims she was left baffled after being told her work outfit wasn’t appropriate, and her bosses allegedly sent her home as a result. The woman, who posts on TikTok under username @notmariedee showed off the offending ensemble in a video – but all wasn’t quite as it seemed.

The outfit included a lilac wrap-over top which showed off her figure, and plain black work pants. The woman didn’t specify why she was sent home for the outfit.

She said: “Got sent home from work for this outfit…” and in the caption, she asked: “Should I quit?”

While many people flocked to the comments to share their outrage on her behalf, or agree with it being inappropriate, there were others who pointed out the woman was likely just joking, as many of her other videos feature jokes.

In other clips, she shows how she works for her family’s company, often working with her dad and her husband.

“Nah that didn’t happen,” commented one person.

Another asked: “Don’t you work for your dad?”

A third sarcastically asked whether it was her dad or her husband who “sent her home”.

However, this didn’t stop a number of people from debating the outfit in the comments of the TikTok, with one person writing that it was “totally understandable” she’d be sent home.

Someone else said: “Looks great but I’d say too low cut for work depending on what you do.”

A fellow TikToker replied: “Completely unprofessional and inappropriate to wear this to work. You cannot seriously be asking this…”

Others complimented the woman, saying they didn’t see an issue.

“That is BS you look great and professional,” proclaimed a different user.

“I see nothing wrong with it”, a TikToker added.

“Lemme just pick my jaw up off the floor – yassss kween”, another person supported.