A fascinating essay that lay hidden for decades reveals Winston Churchill’s views on alien life.

The never-published essay has been in the archive of the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri since the 1980s, when it was given to the museum by the wife of Churchill’s publisher, who had died. Last year the museum invited Israeli astrophysicist Mario Livio to review the essay, which he discusses in an article published in the science journal Nature.

Livio notes the British wartime leader’s passion for science and technology in the 1939 essay, as well as Churchill’s thoughts on extraterrestrials.

Winston Churchhill

The  normally conservative news outlet recently covered the release, by the CIA, of formally investigated UFO sightings. It is interesting to see that only cases investigated 40+ years ago were included. You can find the full article at


First I want to point out that this is an over dramatization of the cases we investigate. Some of the attributes are smiliar to our cases. What I find interesting is how much more mainstream media is paying attention to the subject. Watch the movie trailer below, if you enjoy horror movies. Again this is a dramatization. 



It seems that the general public will only be open to discussing UFO's when they show up in mass media or our mainstream music. Then I'm please to say that things are heading that way. Basement Jaxx's Felix Burton told about his UFO sighting in the summer of 2013. Their song "We are not alone" is now available on Amazon

Paul Hellyer, former minister of Defense of Canada soke about UFOs and aliens that look like us and live amoung us. Watch the video at