After more than sixty years of gathering data, scientific investigation, and documentation of UFOs, Ufology remains unrecognized as a "real" science or course of study.  You will not find a "Ufology 101" class on any college campus.  To educate yourself about the UFO subject, you must rely on books, documentaries, and the ever-growing stream of information on the web.  It can be difficult to determine what is fact-based, research-oriented information, and what is speculative, misinformed, or presented with a particular bias.

MUFON's mission of scientific investigation and public education has been greatly advanced by the commitment of serious researchers like Keith Rowell, Assistant State Director of Oregon MUFON.  He has over thirty years of research and investigative experience, and also serves as State Section Director, Field Investigator, and Research Specialist in Librarianship.  Keith's lectures, articles, and UFO presentations posted on the state website, provide a valuable tool for navigating the massive amounts of UFO information available today.  If you are interested in objective, evidence-based UFO information that will help you form your own educated opinions about this complex subject, check out this great resource at


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