Did you know that MUFON headquarters regularly reports the best UFO reports at Sighting reports come from every state in the US and MUFON frequently even receives reports from other countries. 


This full-length documentary was created by MUFON U.K. Assistant National Director Jack Turnbull.  This is a great documentary of some of the compelling cases of UFO Sightings. Watch this 45 minute documentary


Israel Curiel's Biography

Israel Curiel is a MUFON Investigator for North Carolina. He took the position as Public Relations Director in May 2011. His interest in UFOs started in High School when a fellow student confided in him concerning a close encounter. Shorty after that he read the book Communion by Whitley Strieber about lifelong alien abductions.

A few years later he discovered that his uncle, a dentist in Mexico city, had a UFO sighting of white orbs hovering over the highway just outside Mexico City. Then in 2010 a second uncle had a sighting of a cylinder hovering over Asheville NC. These interactions fueled his desire to learn more and become more active in seeking out answers to these phenomenon. His day job is in reporting and data analytics. Over the last couple of years he has spent his evenings doing data analytics and trend analysis on the nearly 50,000 cases in the MUFON Case Management System.

Read the full details of the Hickory sighting.Since becoming the Public Relations Director he has lectured all over the state including Charlotte, Asheboro, Hickory, Fayetteville, Asheville, Wilmington and Concord. He has spoken to hundreds of UFO witnesses and dozens of alleged abductees. On November 5, 2011 Israel, along with 5 other witnesses and a fellow MUFON Investigator, witnessed a boomerang shaped craft at approximately 5,000 feet. Since that day he has no longer doubted the veracity of UFO sightings nor its implications.


If you ever make it to Myrtle Beach make sure you stop by Encounters UFO Experience. There are many sighting happending around the area and here is an exibit that explains the UFOs in greater detail. Read all about it at



The group Aerial Phenomenon( recently investigated a UFO sighting near Niagara Falls. The hotel manager and the security guard both saw a triangular shaped craft slowly cross over the falls and the hotel where they work. You can read the full details of the investigation at It is not strange that the witnesses reported a triangular craft. This type of craft is seen often all over the world. The strange part happened a couple of days later when two strange-looking men, dressed all in black, show up at the hotel looking for them. Watch the following security camera video of the two men, and listen to the witnesses' description of what happened while they were there.


After more than sixty years of gathering data, scientific investigation, and documentation of UFOs, Ufology remains unrecognized as a "real" science or course of study.  You will not find a "Ufology 101" class on any college campus.  To educate yourself about the UFO subject, you must rely on books, documentaries, and the ever-growing stream of information on the web.  It can be difficult to determine what is fact-based, research-oriented information, and what is speculative, misinformed, or presented with a particular bias.

MUFON's mission of scientific investigation and public education has been greatly advanced by the commitment of serious researchers like Keith Rowell, Assistant State Director of Oregon MUFON.  He has over thirty years of research and investigative experience, and also serves as State Section Director, Field Investigator, and Research Specialist in Librarianship.  Keith's lectures, articles, and UFO presentations posted on the state website, provide a valuable tool for navigating the massive amounts of UFO information available today.  If you are interested in objective, evidence-based UFO information that will help you form your own educated opinions about this complex subject, check out this great resource at


Read about the new National Geographic Channel show Alien Invasion. The full article can be found at

On February 26th, Leslie Kean received the 2011 "Researcher of the Year" Award from the International UFO Congress, an annual convention that met in Phoenix, Arizona. Produced by Open Minds.TV, this 5-minute video was shown at the awards banquet and covers the highlights of Kean's career as a journalist and author covering UFOs. Visit the website at