We frequently get reports of Orbs in NC. Here is a video report from I have personally witnessed the orange Orbs. It is important that people understand what Chinese lanterns look like so they can identify them or rule them out. I have personally flown Chinese lanterns and I can tell you that it moved nothing like Orbs that are frequently reported making 90 degree turns and other strange maneuvers. Watch this video for a better understanding of what people are seeing. And again, if you have see one please report your sighting at

Picture of Israel and Lakita at Discovery Place.

On Friday March 18th, MUFON-NC participated in the "Final Frontier" event at Charlotte's Discovery Place Science Museum.  NC PR Director, Israel Curiel and I set up a MUFON information table, and UFO slide show containing the best documented photos from the past and present.

There were over 2000 in attendance for the Science/Science Fiction-themed evening, aimed at the 21+ age group.   There was much interest, and there were lots of questions about what MUFON does.  Most of the visitors to our table had no idea there was an organization that receives UFO sighting reports, and investigates them.

The event was a unique opportunity to engage the public in conversations about the UFO subject, and advance awareness of MUFON's research and goals.  Presenting UFO information at a science museum probably doesn't happen very often, so we welcomed the chance to participate, when we received the invitation. 

Given the popularity of Science Fiction, the "Final Frontier" event was an effective way to combine Science and Sci-Fi.  It was also a lot of fun, and in the spirit of the evening, I wore my non-official Starfleet uniform. 

We discussed the possibility of future UFO programs at Discovery Place, with the education program co-ordinator.   We look forward to more opportunities to share MUFON information, in engaging, interactive venues like the museum.

Lakita Adams   MUFON-NC SD  




Are you aware that the Central Intelligence Agency has performed UFO investigations in the past? It seems that times are changing if this secretive group has published documents on how to perform a UFO investigation on their website. Should we expect the release of other important information? Even if they don't publish any findings this just goes to show how interested the US government is in UFO. Read the full article at

Thanks to Laurette Tupper, one of our North Carolina members for sharing the link below. 


On Saturday November 7th 2015 a mysterious light was seen over San Diego CA. Many people saw and recorded the incident. A military spokesmain said it was a test of a Trident II (D5) missle. Read the full article at Here is one of the captured videos 

This seemed strange to me. Why would the military test a missle near a populated areas. I also wondered wouldn't you hear something if it was a missle? Then I decided to find a video recording of an actual night time missle test. Watch the video below and you decide if they look similar.


 Many people that follow events in UFOlogy are familiar with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell and his outspoken stance on UFOs.  The conservative Fox New website recently published an article where Dr. Mitchell talks about his knowledge of the events that have happend at nuclear missile facilities. You can read the full story at



If you have not had a chance to come to the local meetings and meet Lakita Adams and Israel Curiel you can now hear them on the following published interviews. They cover a variety of topic like how they got into UFOlogy, what event got them into the subject and they even provide their opinions and speculations on what it all means. Listen to the broadcasts and then come to to your next local event to find out more! 
Lakita was interviewed by Open Minds Radio on September 10th 2014. Her interview can be found at
Israel Curiel was interviewed by on July 9th, 2014. You can find his interview at 


Also don't forget that the 2016 MUFON Symposium is August 25-28th. Read all about it at

On Wednesday July 8th at 8:00 PM EST Israel Curiel will be interviewed on You can listen in on the broadcast by going to Click on the tab Live Show to listen to the program. You can also click the  Chat Room menu if you would like to pose questions during the interview. Israel will talk about how he got into the field of UFOlogy and what has been happening in MUFON-NC since he became an investigatory in May of 2011. Please join us for what will be an interesting look into UFO's in North Carolina.

If you haven't heard MUFON has partnered up with The History Channel to create the TV series called Hanger 1. You can view the latest episode at The producers have do a great job of presenting the information and MUFON has provided the best documented cases. Take some time and watch a few of the episodes. We are hopeful that even more people will come forward to corroborate the cases. 


 Involving the academic community in UFO education is challenging.  When I was invited to speak at Greensboro Technical Community College, I was excited and encouraged that they had an interest in this subject.  There were about 200 attendees at the lecture, including faculty, students, and local residents.  After the lecture, I met with some teachers and department chair persons, and discussed a structured Ufology class for college campuses. 

I'm hopeful that other colleges will have the vision, and courage to consider presenting information about the UFO subject.                Lakita Adams  SD NC MUFON

  Here is the link to the HP Enterprise article: