Picture of Israel and Lakita at Discovery Place.

On Friday March 18th, MUFON-NC participated in the "Final Frontier" event at Charlotte's Discovery Place Science Museum.  NC PR Director, Israel Curiel and I set up a MUFON information table, and UFO slide show containing the best documented photos from the past and present.

There were over 2000 in attendance for the Science/Science Fiction-themed evening, aimed at the 21+ age group.   There was much interest, and there were lots of questions about what MUFON does.  Most of the visitors to our table had no idea there was an organization that receives UFO sighting reports, and investigates them.

The event was a unique opportunity to engage the public in conversations about the UFO subject, and advance awareness of MUFON's research and goals.  Presenting UFO information at a science museum probably doesn't happen very often, so we welcomed the chance to participate, when we received the invitation. 

Given the popularity of Science Fiction, the "Final Frontier" event was an effective way to combine Science and Sci-Fi.  It was also a lot of fun, and in the spirit of the evening, I wore my non-official Starfleet uniform. 

We discussed the possibility of future UFO programs at Discovery Place, with the education program co-ordinator.   We look forward to more opportunities to share MUFON information, in engaging, interactive venues like the museum.

Lakita Adams   MUFON-NC SD  




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